Our mission is to realise the expectations of our stakeholders by adopting developing technologies with a customer-oriented approach, achieving excellence in quality and environmentally friendly policies.


Our vision is to be a company that does not compromise on product quality, meets customer demands and expectations, and fulfils its responsibilities towards society and the environment in domestic and foreign markets in every field we produce.


  • To increase customer satisfaction with products that meet customer needs and expectations and have competitive price advantages,
  • To transform its technology into new and developing world technology,
  • To evaluate risks and opportunities in its activities,
  • To Support strategies related to interested parties and internal/external aspects of the business,
  • To protect the environment and to ensure the efficient use of our natural resources,
  • To fulfill the applicable conditions,
  • To develop our cooperation with our suppliers and stakeholders,
  • To meet the expectations of our employees with continuous improvement through training and clear vision.



  • To increase customer satisfaction,
  • Increasing the efficiency of suppliers,
  • Doing a job without error the first time, reducing costs and increasing company profitability.



PROTEK MAKİNA San. ve Tic. Ltd. has set the main goal of continuously improving energy performance, reducing costs, optimising investments in energy efficiency, reducing environmental and greenhouse gas emissions and protecting natural resources by installing and operating the ISO 50001 Energy Management System in its production centre and has declared the following commitments in this context.

Our Top Management is committed to providing all information and resources for the sustainability of the Energy Management System and for continuous improvement under the following headings.

  • Maintaining the Energy Management System which is regularly reviewed, evaluated and continuously improved by top management,
  • To comply with all legal and other requirements concerning our organization regarding energy,
  • To increase awareness of energy and reducing energy consumption through the trainings provides to all its employees in order to achieve efficiency targets,
  • To identify energy reduction opportunities by ensuring the effective use of energy and information resources and by analyzing energy consumption,
  • To continuously improve the energy performance by measuring through the goals and targets and reporting the results,
  • To provide the necessary human, technology and financial resources to achieve energy goals and objectives; get the support of suppliers and contractors,
  • Purchasing environmentally friendly and energy efficient products and services in order to improve energy performance, and adopting a business model that increases our global competitiveness by supporting designs to improve performance,
  • To make applications that are suitable for the purpose of the organization supporting its strategic direction, and meet the needs of internal and external customers,
  • To support the use of renewable / alternative energy sources,
  • To prioritize environmental protection and energy efficiency in new products to be produced in the future or new processes to be developed, in planned investments and activities,
  • To contribute to sustainable development.



Protek Makina San. and Tic. Ltd. Şti. in Information Security, in line with the basic information of ISO / IEC 27001 standard and by applying TİSAX requirements, it evaluates the risks that may occur on the Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability of corporate information and adopts the following points to minimise the effects that may arise from these risks;

  • To document, certify and keep up to date the information security management system (ISMS) in a way to fulfil TISAX requirements on the basis of ISO/IEC 27001 standard,
  • Allocating resources for the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the information security management system,
  • Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of company information and information systems,
  • Compliance with all legal regulations and related party contractual obligations regarding information security,
  • Monitoring and managing risks to information security assets,
  • To ensure the confidentiality of the information assets of our stakeholders within the scope of ISMS,
  • To carry out continuous trainings to improve technical and behavioural competencies in order to increase the awareness of our personnel on ISMS,
  • To ensure that the basic and supporting business activities of the company continue with minimum interruption, to prevent potential interruptions with pre-planned applications and to minimise unplanned interruptions,
  • Managing the security violations that the company will face and applying penal sanctions when necessary,
  • Guiding and supporting people to maintain the effectiveness of ISMS practices and encouraging continuous improvement,

In order to be an exemplary organisation in terms of information security within the sector, we are committed to continuously improve our information security management system in line with our goals and to ensure sustainable information security management system conditions.